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Release Oct 9, 2020

VIVAT 120 cover.jpg

Acclaimed Dutch cellist Viola de Hoog presents Mendelssohn’s two great cello sonatas. With a lifetime spent performing chamber repertoire on period instruments, de Hoog is an ideal, passionate exponent for this music, bringing performances that encapsulate the

composer’s sense of refined virtuosity.

• De Hoog is partnered by the astonishing Armenian pianist Mikayel Balyan, who plays an1847 piano made by Mendelssohn’s favourite maker, Érard.

• The release also includes the first recording on period instruments of Mendelssohn’s own arrangement of his famous Trio in D minor, Op.49, re-scored for flute, cello and piano. Viola de Hoog and Mikayel Balyan are joined by eminent Dutch flautist Marten Root.

A new release from Vivat must surely place cellist Viola de Hoog amongst the great performers of Bach’s Cello Suites

With Bach’s suites for unaccompanied cello one often hears performers struggling against the technical difficulties in an apparent exhibition of how clever they are in overcoming them. Other performers others sail, apparently effortlessly, over the virtuosic demands but seem to have little depth. Finally there is a small number of artists that provide effortless virtuosity with fine musicianship.

Amongst the latter category must surely be Viola de Hoog who, on her superb new release for Vivat shows musicianship of a high order.

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